“I am passionate about inspiring women to live their TRUTH, whatever that means to them (career, relationships, motherhood in THEIR way).”
A single mum aged just 18 I overcame the stereotypes and stigmas and worked my way up the Corporate ladder.
I worked at an executive level in Human Resources & Operations before I quit the rat race 5 years ago in pursuit of a different lifestyle.
I built a successful online business which has allowed me the freedom to travel the world without location or financial constraints.
In doing so I have been on an amazing journey of self-discovery which has shown me that my calling is in influencing others to chase their dreams.
To live in ease flow, joy & perfect alignment – just as I strive to do every day. I truly believe this level of ‘freedom’ is available to all.
Looking forward to having the opportunity to inspire MORE women globally to overcome the odds and live their truth through Vilostrada Foundation.
My specialist subjects are internet marketing, funnels, traffic etc & personal branding.