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Our accomplishments

  • Water is Life. November 2016, together we built the Tanmirt solar panel-fueled pump for a well to deliver 3,000 liters of water per hour. The well is 30 minutes drive from the famous Erg Chegaga sand dunes. This project taught us to collaborate!

  • Since March 2016, we have donated 2 tons of educational material, clothing, 750 pairs of shoes, 6 sowing machines, solar panel chargers and battery packs.
  • Funded and repaired existing Nomad Tent School 45 minutes from Erg Chegaga with the support of local Nomad families and Brahim Elaabdouli. We also ran a small school unit on trial March-June 2017 under the supervision of Brahim Elaabdouli and local teacher. One Nomad family, supplied the building for the trial.
    We repaired the Nomad school tent structure after a storm in February 2018.
    Some of the classes we taught in collaboration with the school includes:  teambuilding, keeping the desert clean and organic farming.
  • Tanmirt Expedition, January to March 2018. Our founder Victoria Ahlén lived in the desert with her two children Lucas (13) and Maj (10) to record and learn Amazigh Nomad stories and way of life to be shared in a book and film titled Ki Krak: To Give, To Receive (December 2018 release date).
  • Kickstarting enterprises such as organic farming in 5 test plots/mini projects. One of our young local farmers presented a successful crop in May 2018. We have also successfully held sewing workshops for the Nomad women and local communities in Tagounite and Mhamid in March 2017, 2018.
  • We signed an agreement of collaboration with a local partner Association Atawsol in Tagounite and the local government in March 2018. Together, we coordinated workshops for children and women, a full days of activities to celebrate International Women’s Day to raise awareness for women´s crafts in the region on March 8, 2018.
  • In May 2018, we strengthened our Tanmirt well to supply the desert with 8,000 liters of water an hour securing life in the desert together with our Amazigh partners during the work on site in the desert under the supervision of Brahim Elaabdouli.
  • August 2018, we signed a collaboration deal with Entrepreneurs without Borders to strengthen our Vilostrada Foundation team and network.

Why Education?

The number of Nomads in the desert rapidly decreases. We work with the Amazigh Nomads since want to stay and work in the desert.The Vilostrada Foundations seeks to find ways to preserve the lifestyle and re-establish sustainable living conditions.

Focus areas

  • Education for Life, Sharing of knowledge,
  • Women empowerment
  • Green enterprises: Organic farming, planting trees
  • Keeping the Sahara clean

How we work?

We invest the money we raise to build sustainable, community-owned projects in the desert region. We aim to give frequent reports back to our donors on our achievements. Our regional manager Brahim Elaabdouli, regional manager and eco-guide at Caravane Desert et Montagne, oversee all work progress locally.

Whatsapp and facebook groups with lots of weekly dialogue gives us a sense of shared work space across the globe. The Vilostrada Foundation seeks to fuel local initiatives by adding education and expertise where needed.