In March 2016, we began our collaboration with the Nomad tribes of Sahara and the local community surrounding Tagounite, Morocco. The Vilostrada Foundation have an international team of volunteers and experts that work together with the local community to learn from each other.

To get to know each other, we decided on our first project – a solar panel driven well to secure access to water, and life in the desert. Water is Life. Our Tanmirt well, a 30 minute drive from Erg Chegaga, provides 8 000 liters of water an hour since November 2016.



Tanmirt Support

When emergency and daily situations arise that need our attention in the Sahara, our team steps in to help with medicine, transports and repairs (for example a broken school tent), food supply, school material, shoes, clothes and solar panel driven lights. The well-being of the Nomads and local community of Tagounite fuels all our mutual efforts. In the long run, our goal is self-sustainability for the local community in all the projects we run.

Tanmirt Women

We educate local cooperatives and associations with new knowledge to empower women to develop products and services that can earn them a living to support their families. We remind the communities of the amazing natural crafts already existing and bring back old traditions and materials such as wool – sometimes fitted to suit our modern times and new demand.
Our foundation has taught marketing, product planning and enhancing sewing, knitting and crocheting techniques in collaborations with local Moroccan teachers since 2014. During 2019, we strengthen our local team and build a digital academy to enable support for a larger group of learners.

Organic Tanmirt

Together with local and Nomad farmers, our international organic experts started teaching organic farming in February 2018.  We build our own clean bio seed bank for vegetables. In collaboration with our company sponsor, Magriser, we develop our organic farm area steadily in Tafraout with new technology, such as a smart watering system. We also teach and give children mini-greenhouses and school gardens to manage and study.

In October 2018, we started a trial to make the Sahara greener by planting more than 50 trees such as Acacia, palms and fruit trees. In our study, we learn how to best plant, water and protect our young trees. Together, we form alliances with other green associations, both international and in Morocco.

Tanmirt Junior Club

A place by kids invented by kids in February 2018. Our mission for 2019, is to clean Tagounite and make it green. We empower the children with our motto: Ki Krak. This means in Amazigh: to give, to receive. During the first two hours, we clean the village and collect the rubbish in reusable plastic bags. After, we enjoy a snack before we play games, learn organic farming, jam music and whatever else the children wish. It takes a village to raise a child and we welcome all local volunteers to join us as well as international supporters to sponsor one kid per meet for €5.



The Vilostrada Foundation fuels on natural and sustainable powers for our planet such as:

  • love and compassion with respect for each other. Saharan people on the move are masters of welcoming all of us to a world with no borders
  • natural energy sources such as solar and wind
  • use of natural materials such as wool, grass, Adobe/earth bricks where the Tagounite surrounding community already have, or recently had, the knowledge.
  • spreading ideas of upcycling  and reusing items where the Nomads are master teachers.
  • organic farming and tree plantation to secure our nature and stop desertification
    Tanmirt Juniors on the move cleaning their neighborhoods around Tagounite from all kinds of trash.