We are #strongertogether

We are #strongertogether. In the background, we form valuable future alliances to give and empower more kids. Stay safe. Happy Monday. Thanks Matt Lashoff for great image and song. https://mattlashoff.bandcamp.com/track/stronger-together”Stronger Together Sometimes the world don’t make sense like whoever is running this ship gave up the wheel and said to hell with it but just about the time that all seems lost somebody that you never met comes along and makes you feel whole again nobody gets through the hard times alone so always know that there’s a shoulder here for you to lean on We are stronger together When the world has got us down And when all hope is lost Always know it will turn around Show em we’re united, not divided That we’ll keep shining when the lights are out Keep on rising, keep on fighting Because this world needs our love right now the mirror has got a funny way of showing every line on our face and every turn where things went wrong I know it really seems hard right now But let me help you find strength in pain when you don’t know how. So lock arms, get ready Stand up, get ready No color, no barrier We’re in this forever The world needs our love right now”