Donations for children

A space for kids by kids. More than 100 kids/Tanmirt Juniors transformed the local Tagounite Playground during the two weeks leading up to March 8 with Vilostrada Foundation and Association Tidri. Kids drawings became art on the walls and concrete, old tires became fun climbers, new swings, rock art in abundance, new soccer courts, stop signs and lots of game areas on the concrete. A dream come true in Tagounite for the Tanmirt Junior Club. For the first time, dreams became reality and the kids learnt that ideas come true. Your investments fuel us. Your support empower our kids on the move with natural powers. Your donation enable our team to continue investing our time in the hard working kids that transformed a dead space to a playground to laugh and create at.Thank you. From all our team to you who follow us, lots of love. Invest €5 child/ week to continue on work. Music by Nomad Band Tagounite

Photos: Victoria Ahlén, Ingrid Pullar PhotographeVideo Edited by: Lucas Ahlén