Art Auction for Tanmirt: Berlin Artist joins Vilostrada mission

Meet her in the studio in Berlin:

Veronika Wagner is a German painter with a strong connection to Morocco and the Sahara desert. She has been travelling North Africa over the past 20 years and created numerous works inspired by the Nomad lifestyle.


Friede den Hütten – Peace to the Huts. 2012. Soil, bitumen and pigments on canvas. 76 x 100 cm.

The recent exodus of the so called refugee crisis seeking a home in Germany and in Berlin has had a huge influence on her works. As an artist with an open heart for humanity she has always been touched by the life stories of people on the run. She assisted a Syrian friend to achieve his doctorate about Art in East Germany and supported him to settle and find a new home in Berlin.


Now she joins in the Vilostrada Foundation community to support the Tanmirt “Education for Life” project by donating two of her paintings for a Charity Art Auction.

Follow that space to not miss the starting of the auction on December 20.

These works will be sold to the highest bidder and the money raised will provide funding the first school year in Tanmirt, Sahara in Morocco. Keep an eye out on December 20 when you can start bidding.


Färberviertel Fez – Dyers Pits. 2005. Soil and pigments on canvas. 115 x 90 cm.


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