Could you start now?

“Kan du redan nu undrar Meja , Ella ,  Ebba , Noa och Hugo?”
“Could you start now ask Meja , Ella , Ebba , Noa and Hugo?”

First contact with Skanör, Sweden and classes in 4-6th grade over Skype. These children will be interacting with Akerate school starting in two weeks.

Can I just say – their smiles, enthusiasm and curiosity will fuel us over many kilometers, cultures and hours creating “Common Ground” – together.

skanor skype common ground vilostrada

In the project Common Ground – children share their stories and exchange knowledge. What does your day look like?
Common Ground is a project idea created by Joakim and Victoria Ahlén, the founders of Vilostrada – a social business dedicated to do good in Morocco through trade. It is the continuation of the Akerate School Project. Together, our goal is to provide daughters and sons, our common ground and future, with other choices, with innovation, entrepreneurship, and experimental learning. We build digital connections to the world, a network with access to knowledge, as well as fill the basic needs of clean water, electricity and school lunch. We trade with genuine artisan crafts that share a rich story of life.


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