You do not need so much stuff to be happy

Our son Lucas 9 years shares some thoughts:

Q: How has it been to stay in Spain?
A: I think it’s been fun to learn a new language and make new friends.

Q. What have you learned from being in Morocco?
A: That you do not need so much stuff to be happy.

Q: What can you teach children in Morocco?
A: I can teach them Spanish and soccer tactics. I also want share my favourite music with them. The best one: “We will rock you” by Queen.

Q: Why do you think that other children will join our project Common Ground?
A: Because then several children help to teach the children in Morocco and they can get to learn something new.

Follow our continued work with Common Ground (#commonground).

Understanding each other’s cultures is enabling equality, a common ground, for our common future. Education is where it all starts and we aim to create an increased direct dialogue between children in Morocco and school children in Sweden, Finland and the world.

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