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Why education?

Around every fire in the precious moments of a still Saharan night, words of wisdom are shared between generations of desert dwellers, nomads. Now, the logs that kept the fire burning have become fewer and fewer. Bring your log. We must keep the fire burning. Education for life.

Together with the Nomads and people close to Tagounite, Sahara, Morocco, we make Sahara green again.

We want to preserve the Nomad and Sahara culture and life by working together through self-development, increasing trade, organic farming, and making basic life essentials easier such as water, education and earning a living.

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Our book, Ki Krak: to Give, to Receive, will be available December 2018.

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Vilostrada Foundation, Swedish registered non-profit



Susan Geraldine-Lock

Manager of Crafts

David Paris

Organic Farming Expert

Julia Robinson


Lucas Ahlén


Philippa Dunderfelt

Director of Communications

John Sjöberg

Director of Education

Why Vilostrada Foundation

I want my own children to be world citizens, wake up each morning, feel that they are apart of an amazing world where they play a lead role. I want this for all children of the world.
I want them to be happy, smiling when then sun rises over a gorgeous mountain pass, when walking down to the garden to pick our own grown vegetables and singing in the rain.
I want them to feel gratitude for what they have.
I want them to meet challenges with an open mind with curiosity for the unknown and their choices to be made out of knowledge and wisdom.
I want them to see that life is a journey with lots of love and many helping hands.
I want them to know that world is their home and together we are all responsible to look after it for coming generations. Namaste.

In December 2013 when visiting a small mountain school in the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco, Maj and Lucas decided to do good for other children. The journey for the pursuit of wisdom led us to the Sahara in December 2015. Welcome to join our journey. Welcome to our current project:
Tanmirt Education for Life.

Victoria, Maj and Lucas Ahlén


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Organic Tanmirt

by Helena Rundquist To plant seeds in Sahara and turn sand into soil My mission as a volunteer with the Vilostrada Foundation was to see if it is possible to inspire more Nomads to start growing their own food, which also could mean better health, since their daily intake is a lot of white...

First day of school in Tanmirt Desert Camp

A productive first day of school in the Tanmirt Desert camp with Susan Lock as our artisan instructor from Nerja, Spain. “I traveled here to share my passion for crafts and look forward to exchanging ideas with the Nomads and the Berber women in the region”, says Susan. Set in a Nomad tent at...

Vilostrada Kids share stories from Tanmirt, Sahara

Today Lucas and Maj, our amazing Vilostrada Kids, held presentations about the Vilostrada Foundation’s work in Sahara at CEIP Enrique Ginés, the local school in Frigiliana. Lucas 12 years shares: “I thought it was very interesting and fun to explain to the other kids what we do in Morocco. At first I was a...